Cambridge Audio Azur 340A
integrated stereo amplifier, 2-channel, a semiconductor circuit design, type: Harmonic ratio 0.09%,
General characteristics
Type integrated amplifier
Standard stereo
Number of channels 2
Circuitry Semiconductor
Fonokorrektor True
Amp settings
Power front channels 50 w/channel
Settings for power front-end channels 4 Om
Power front kanalov2 40 w/channel
Settings for front-end power kanalov2 8 Om
Minimum frequency reproducible 5 Hz
Maximum reproducible frequency 50000 Hz
Settings for bandwidth +/- 1dB
Harmonics factor 0.09 %
Parameters for harmonic ratio 8 Ohm, to 20000 Hz
The recommended load resistance (min.) 4 Om
The recommended load resistance (max.) 8 Om
Line input and output
Sensitivity (Ling.) 380 MB
Input impedance (Ling.) 40 kohm
Support pickup MM True
Support MC pickup True
Adjustment of balance False
Adjustable tone control False
Digital sound processing
DSP True
Number of linear stereovhodov 5
Input for iPod True
Entrance from the pre-amp (Preamp) True
Number of outputs to headphone 1
Headphone connector 6.3 mm
Connectors for Acoustics screw
Interface RS-232 True
Ethernet RJ-45 True
Connecting an external IR sensor True
Dolby Digital Decoder True
Decoder Dolby Digital EX True
Decoder For Dolby Pro Logic True
Dolby Headphone Decoder True
Dolby Pro Logic II Decoder True
DTS Decoder True
Decoder DTS 96/24 True
Decoder DTS ES Matrix 6.1 True
Decoder DTS ES Discrete 6.1 True
Decoder DTS Neo: 6 True
HDCD Decoder True
Automatic calibration of surround sound True
Video upsampling True
On-screen display (OSD) menu True
Connecting additional sets of acoustics False
Power supply built-in
Power consumption 345 W
Display True
Color-black True
Color-silver False
Color-Golden True
Width 430 mm
Height 70 mm
Depth 310 mm
Weight 6.2 kg
Signal-to-noise ratio 92 dB
Additional information
Remote Control False
Headphone output on the front panel False
Front stereo True
THX-certification True
Composite video input on the front panel True
S-Video input on the front panel True
Component video input on the front panel True
The HDMI input on the front panel True
REMOTE CONTROL learning mode True
THX Ultra II-certification True
Optical audio input on the front panel True
Coaxial audio input on the front panel True
USB Type A on the front panel True
THX Ultra certification True
BASS tone control range 7 dB
TREBLE tone control range 7 dB

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